Welcome to FleasAway, the specialist flea division of the PestAway Group. 

         As with all our departments, we like to keep things simple – a low cost solution to the fleas in your property.

         To this end, we have laid out the basics below. Should you want more information you can click on the tabs above for in depth details
         regarding fleas, flea life cycles and flea behaviour. 
Why Do I Have Fleas In My Property?
      Fleas are not always related to poor housekeeping and
      hygiene or even keeping pets. Here are some facts
      that might help you understand why you have fleas in
      your property - 
      In the warmer summer months, fleas can survive
      outdoors and be transported inside via people,
      pets or even objects. 
      Any visitors to your home, including the neighbours
      pets, can carry fleas in.
      You may have picked up a small number of fleas
      whilst visiting a public building.
      It is possible to inherit a flea problem if you have
      recently moved in to a property as fleas can remain
      dormant for up to 9 months.
      By the time you call us the Fleas may have been
      with you for some time.
What's The Treatment?
   FleasAway will usually carry out a two part spray treatment.

   Be wary of pest control companies that  only recommend a 

   single treatment.

   FACT – Insecticide will not kill all eggs and rarely gets into

   all the cracks and crevices where eggs are laid.
   The second spray treatment is designed to kill the fleas that
   had not hatched on the first visit before they themselves can
   reproduce.  This approach of breaking the life cycle of the
   insect means we are very rarely called back to treat a
   Treatment of your pet, if you have one, is essential either at
   home or by vets.
   Failure to adhere to our advice on issues such as vacuuming
   before and after treatment may cause re-infestation.
         What Will This Cost Me?
   Prices start from £40 per treatment.
   Every infestation is different and a professional company
   should always try to assess the source of the problem
   before quoting prices. 
   For example, fleas may have migrated from a birds nest
   therefore this may need removing prior to treatment.
   Contact us now to arrange a free survey. 
   The appointment is completely without obligation but will
   enable us to assess the situation and advise on an
   appropriate treatment.
   Factors that affect prices will include -
  •    Number of rooms
  •    Size of rooms
  •    Age of infestation  
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