Our prices start from just £40 per treatment.
We will always offer to carry out an initial inspection of the property.  This is free and completely without obligation. 
Many pest control companies will quote over the phone, but we do not consider this a professional approach when they haven't seen the problem. Should a job turn out to be larger than quoted, are they going to do everything needed for the same price?
There are factors that may potentially affect the price from the size of rooms to the pesticide formulation that required dependant on the type of floor covering, if any.  Our free survey will enable us to provide you will all the information you need to make an informed decision.
The vast majority of flea infestations are caused by properties that have been vacant for a while or from pets that have contracted fleas and . Occasionally, however, there can be more complicated reasons such as alternative hosts that are active in the property such as rodents or nesting birds. In these circumstances there may be a need for additional treatment.
Whatever the circumstances , we generally recommend two treatments - if you're not sure that two are necessary, please  click here  to learn why this is so important.  This said, we here to help.  If you really feel that only one is all you need - one is all we'll do!
We have built a reputation on quality service, effective results and sensible prices and will always discuss the situation with you fully before commencing any treatment.
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